Sunday, 28 October 2012

Scale Necklaces

After making the scale bracelets the other week I was inspired to make a necklace. I ended up making two different versions. The black necklaces has three strands of scales each one longer then the next, hung so they drape just over one another. The silver necklace (which is made out of nickel silver rings and I think I will re-do with shiny aluminium rings) is made up of individual dangles of scales. Each of these dangles varies in length depending on where is sits in the necklace and they are made exactly the same as I made the scale earrings which will be described in my next post. I like both necklaces although I am partial to the black scales. I do think the silver necklace will look better when I make it with a nicer looking scale....either in black or shiny aluminium.

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