Monday, 8 October 2012

Ruffle Scarf

Two posts in one day! It has been a busy weekend, lol. This is a really quick one though. I am not normally a fan of those quick make ruffle scarfs that you see everywhere but I couldn't resist picking up some Berrocco Lacey yarn when I found it on sale when I was in Washington in August. The colour was great, a lovely mossy green (unfortunately the photos don't represent it well at all), and the yarn itself is very light and airy. When crocheted up according to the instructions though, it is just too floofy for my tastes so I altered the pattern a bit to get a more relaxed look. Instead of gathering 4 loops together then doing a lock stitch as directed I only gathered 2 loops together and then did the lock stitch. This gives the scarf a much better look in my opinion and it drapes much better too. I think I will wear it to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house today.


  1. Love this! I remember it in Washington when it was a mere ball of yarn - love what you've turned it into :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving xx

  2. Thanks Gill! I almost forgot I had bought this yarn until I found it stashed in the bottom of my knitting bag :-) That yarn store was amazing!