Monday, 8 October 2012

Boho Chic - Wire Wrapped Pendant

I had a bunch of copper wire lying around in my craft room (who knows what I originally bought it for!) and decided to make something with it this weekend. I merged my love of beading with some basic wire work and voila....a boho chic pendant was born! Now, this is my first attempt at this so it isn't perfect but it is nice enough to wear and I did learn a few things that I can use to make my next pendant even better.

To make this pendant you will need :

Copper wire in 2 gauges - 20 gauge for wrapping and 18 gauge for base of pendant

Beads - any size, I used some size 8 black beads for around the pendant and 2 larger beads for the     hanging small pendant bit

Chain - I used some silver colored chain I had left over from another project

Jump rings - 2

Small ball Pean hammer -  for hammering pendant flat, not absolutely necessary

Anvil - for hammering pendant flat, not absolutely necessary

Jewellery pliers - preferably the kind with the nylon tips so as not to scratch your wire

Wire cutters


Step 1 - with 18 gauge wire, form a horseshoe shape (you can bend the wire over a form such as a glue bottle to make this easier) then bend the two ends into small loops using the Jewellery pliers.

Step 2 - using the hammer and anvil, carefully hammer the pendant flat, avoiding the loops. This will give your pendant a nice shape but also will increase the stability of the pendant and prevent it from losing its shape.

Step 3 - using the 20 gauge wire, estimate the number of beads you want around the pendant then add at least 10 more and string them on the spool of wire.

Step 4 - begin by wrapping about 4-5 wraps at one end of your pendant (right at the base of one of the loops), then bring up a bead and place it so it is sitting on the outer edge of the pendant. Squeeze the wire tightly to hold the bead in place (you may need to use the pliers for this but. E careful not to break your bead). Continue to wrap 3-4 more wraps as desired then place a bead, then wrap, then place a bead etc. continue until you are about 4-5 wraps space from the final loop of the pendant.
Wrap your final 4-5 wraps and snip the wire.

Step 5 - use the pliers to tightly push down any loose ends and tuck the in. Use a file if necessary to
get rid of any sharp edges.

Step 6 - use a piece of 20 gauge wire and make a fold at one end with your pliers. Thread on three beads from largest to smallest then form a loop at the top leaving a long tail. Wrap this tail around the base of the loop then snip and tuck in and file if necessary.

Step 7 - cut a length of chain that allows you small beaded pendant to hand in the middle of your large pendant . Thread the beaded pendant on and attach the chain at each end to the loops of your large pendant with the jump rings .

Step 8 - cut the rest of the chain to the length you want the necklace to be then attach the ends to the same jump rings that are on the pendant loops. If the necklace is long enough you won't even need a clasp. If you do then attach one.

Voila! One wire wrapped pendant!

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