Sunday, 28 October 2012

Scale Earrings

It would seem that I am on a kick with these scales! I am in love with them and there just seems to be endless possibilities to what you can make. I had a handful of red and black scales left over from making my other projects so I decided to make a pair of black dangle earrings for myself and of course, a pair of red ones for my mom :-). Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos while making them but they are very easy so I am going to do my best to describe the process for you.

What you need :

9/32 inch or 1/4 inch 18G jump rings - 18 per pair of earrings
small scales - 36 per pair of earrings
earring wires - 2 per pair of earrings
pliers preferably with no teeth so as not to mar your work

Open the first jump ring and place 2 scales on with the concave sides in.
Close the jump ring
Open the second jump ring and thread through the first jump ring and place one scale on either side of the opening concave side facing in.
Close the jump ring.
Open a third jump ring and thread onto the second jump ring making sure you are between the two scales, place one scale on each side of the opening, concave side in.
Close the jump ring.
Proceed until you have nine jump rings and 18 scales on.
Before closing the last jump ring, place on one of the earring wire.
Repeat for the second earring.

You can make your earrings longer or shorter by using more or less jump rings and scales. The great thing about these earrings is because the scales are aluminium, they aren't heavy at all!

Have some fun....mix up the colours of scales you use for a multicolour effect.


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