Sunday, 31 March 2013

Shaggy Loops Bracelet and Necklace

 Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you the Easter Bunny brought you lots of yummy chocolate :-) I spent the Easter weekend making a jingly bracelet and necklace set using a shaggy loops chain maille technique. Tutorials for this technique can be found all over the internet for free but I have linked a particularly nice one from CGMaille here I used 4mm 18G jump rings for both the bracelet and the necklace and I also added some silver toned beads to the outside loops to give it more interest. You can make the beaded part of the necklace as long or as short as you is entirely your personal preference. I think I might make another bracelet with some black beads next, or maybe some green beads for the Spring.


  1. Another gorgeous creation - love it! Happy Easter to you & Peter xx

  2. Thanks are so sweet! Happy Easter to you and Allard too :-)